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It is crucial to work with a certified and knowledgeable company when updating your home’s HVAC systems and components. Gold Star’s professionals are known for providing great service and utilizing industry-leading equipment. When you need a new air conditioning unit, heater, heat pump, water heater, or indoor air quality solutions, we work with some of the best HVAC brands on the market. Gold Star’s heating and cooling professionals are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We provide timely HVAC service near Edgemoor, DE when you need it most.

Repair, Replacement, and Maintenance Services

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Providing Complete Trust and Transparency

Gold Star aspires to deliver better value and trust every day, establishing long-term client connections near Edgemoor, DE. Because HVAC problems can occur at any moment, Gold Star’s HVAC service near Edgemoor, DE is available to you at all times. Whenever possible, we offer same-day repairs and replacements. You call us, and we swiftly resolve the issue at hand.

HVAC Repairs

When your central air system fails, it usually happens at the most undesirable times. Gold Star’s repair professionals are ready to quickly restore your HVAC system near Edgemoor, DE to peak function. Our service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, guaranteeing that your interior air comfort is restored as soon as possible. Furthermore, we stand behind our work, freeing you of worries about potential problems.

HVAC Replacements

Is it time to replace your heating and cooling system? Your home demands more than just any new system; it requires one that is tailored to your specific heating and cooling requirements. The first stage is a thorough home inspection. We can help you choose the best system for your specific needs based on the size and layout of your home.

HVAC Installations

Are you thinking about replacing your heating and cooling system or adding HVAC to a new addition? Gold Star is here to help you. Our company specializes in low-cost new system installs that provide long-term cost reductions. We stand firmly behind our work and offer our customers peace of mind with a 12-year warranty on all components and labor for select systems.

HVAC Maintenance

Gold Star provides heating and cooling maintenance services to save you money and trouble. Nobody wants to deal with a broken air conditioner or heater during extreme conditions. Our thorough tune-up includes system cleaning, a multi-point examination, lubrication and tightening if needed, fluid level checks, thermostat calibration, and other services. Contact us promptly if you need HVAC service near Edgemoor, DE.

Indoor Air Quality Systems

Improving your home’s interior air quality begins with removing dust and ensuring that contaminants are not introduced inadvertently. There are numerous strategies to reduce air pollution in your house, but sometimes assistance is required. To improve your interior air quality, Gold Star can also install various IAQ appliances such as UVC air purifiers, air scrubbers, humidifiers, and dehumidifiers.

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Experience With All HVAC Systems Near Edgemoor, DE

Gold Star’s heating and cooling specialists are certified to service any brand of air conditioner, furnace, heat pump, or boiler, whether or not they were installed by us. We don’t just make a promise; we back it up in writing. All of our trusted HVAC repair service near Edgemoor, DE projects include our service guarantee. Call us at 1-302-485-1649 to schedule same-day heating and cooling repairs or replacements.

HVAC Service Central AC Units

Central AC

One of the most popular systems in the region, central air conditioning, delivers comprehensive indoor comfort management. We specialize in full-service furnace and air conditioning repairs and replacements.

HVAC Service Ductless Systems


If you don’t have existing ductwork or want to add cooling to specific rooms, a ductless system is an ideal choice. They are relatively simple to install and will provide immediate cooling relief.

HVAC Service Heat Pump


Because they can heat and cool with a single system, heat pumps are a popular choice for interior comfort. They are extremely energy-efficient and can last for decades with proper care.

HVAC Service Boiler Systems


Hydronic heating is provided by boilers and radiators located throughout your home. To build a zonal heating system, the boiler heats water and distributes it through pipework. Radiant heat is costly but efficient when installed and maintained.

Reach Out to Gold Star for HVAC Service Near Edgemoor, DE

If you are having problems with your furnace, air conditioner, heat pump, or any other HVAC equipment in your home, don’t hesitate to contact Gold Star. Our HVAC specialists are certified and trained to provide dependable HVAC service near Edgemoor, DE for all heating and cooling system brands. The comfort of your family should never be jeopardized. Contact us today for all of your heating and cooling needs.