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Gold Star is proud to provide expert residential heating services in Edgemoor, DE, and to have built our business one customer at a time. Nothing is more important to us than keeping our clients warm and earning their complete satisfaction in the process. You can count on Gold Star to repair your furnace, heat pump, boiler or other home heating system. You can schedule home heater repair by calling us at 1-302-485-1649 or by contacting us online using the form below. Our experts are standing by ready to help!

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Emergency 24 Hour Heater Repair in Edgemoor, DE

Your heating system keeps you and your family warm and protects your home. Having it repaired as soon as possible is important even if that breakdown happens in the middle of the night. Gold Star has expert HVAC technicians that are on standby to provide home heater repair services in Edgemoor, DE whenever you need them. We can come to your home at all hours of the day or night, even on weekends and during holidays, to get your heat back on and to ensure that you can count on that warmth all winter long.

Home Heater Repair

Residential Heaters Gold Star Repairs

A wide range of heating systems are used to heat homes throughout Edgemoor, DE, and Gold Star works on all of them. Our expertise includes forced-air furnaces, which are the most popular heating type in our service area, but also heat pumps, hybrid heating systems, boilers and ductless mini splits. We repair systems powered by electricity, natural gas, and propane, and our steam and hot water boiler experts are skilled with radiators, convectors, radiant heating and other technologies.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are an increasingly popular choice in Edgemoor, DE, because the equipment is affordable, cost-effective over the long term and environmentally friendly. A heat pump not only heats a home during winter but cools it during summer and delivers that conditioned air via ductwork.

Radiant Heat Boilers

Radiant heat boilers are a type of hydronic heating system. There are both condensing and noncondensing boilers, and fuel options include electricity, natural gas, and propane. Boilers create warmth by delivering hot water or steam through pipes to radiators or radiant panels.

Gas & Electric Furnaces

Furnaces continue to be a very popular home heating option in Edgemoor, DE, and they can be powered by natural gas, propane, or even electricity. Cold air is warmed via a heat exchanger, and that warmed air is forced into ductwork where it reaches the living spaces via vents.

Ductless Mini Splits

Mini splits are similar to heat pumps in that they can both heat and cool and work by transferring energy rather than generating it. But they differ in that they do not require ductwork. That makes them a good option for older homes without ducts or to provide heat or air conditioning to home additions or underserved areas.

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Heat Pump Replacement Services

Enroll In a Heater Maintenance Plan

Home heating systems will eventually fail due to wear and tear, but you can limit that wear, avoid expensive home heater repair services, and extend the life of your equipment through routine maintenance. Gold Star provides seasonal HVAC tune-ups in Edgemoor, DE, that include an inspection, a comprehensive cleaning and correction or replacement of any worn components. We also offer a heater maintenance plan that ensures that you receive that seasonal maintenance on time and save money in the process.

Is It Time To Replace Your Heater?

If you have an older system, then a home heater repair may be a short-term fix that ends up costing you more in the end. Even if your system hasn’t failed yet, you may be experiencing rising energy costs or uneven heating. While a new system will cost more in the moment, it will provide you greater comfort and reduce your overall costs over the next 15 years or even longer. Our comfort specialists in Edgemoor, DE, can help you determine what is the best option for you and your home.

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Gold Star is proud to serve Edgemoor, DE, and we want to be the heating company that you trust and depend on as well. Our company installs, maintains and repairs all manner of furnaces, heat pumps, boilers, mini splits and other heating equipment. If you have an emergency, you can reach us for immediate service, or you can schedule a home heater repair appointment for a time that is convenient for you. To do that, call us at 1-302-485-1649 or contact us online.