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A new energy-efficient heating system will keep you warm this winter.

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Reliable Furnace Installation in Edgemoor, DE

Family-owned Gold Star Heating & Air Conditioning has been offering expert furnace installation and replacement services to residential clients in Edgemoor, DE for many years. Local residents have trusted and counted on us time after time again. If you pick us to install your next furnace, you can rely on us to work with you to choose the greatest heating equipment and install it precisely.

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Choose Gold Star for Professional HVAC Services

Whether you require annual HVAC repair in Edgemoor, DE, or the installation of a new furnace, you deserve a company you can rely on to offer frank advice and provide high-quality service. You are aware of our reputation and the fact that we’ll be around tomorrow to stand behind our work as a company that has been doing that for more than three decades. In Pennsylvania, Gold Star is fully licensed and insured. We are members of the Air Conditioning Contractors of America, accredited by the BBB with an A+ rating, and certified by the Building Performance Institute. In addition to being knowledgeable and skilled, our experts are NATE certified and continue their HVAC education.

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Many Benefits of a Brand New Furnace

Furnaces in the present era are more effective than ever because of recent developments. Furnace installation could be more expensive up front, but the overall cost of ownership will be less due to decreased monthly costs. Your costs will also be reduced because your new system will be less likely to require repairs. Your indoor air quality will improve as a result of a new furnace that has been specifically chosen for your house. It will also provide more dependable and comfortable heat.

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Indications You Need a New Furnace

There are many signs that you should proactively replace a furnace before it breaks down. The most frequent factor is age. Furnaces normally last 15 to 20 years, and although it may be tempting to get even more use out of an outdated system, doing so usually results in higher costs. Furnaces nowadays are much more efficient than the older systems were. Keep an eye out for rising energy prices, which may be a sign that the problem with diminishing efficiency is prominent. Frequent maintenance, odd noises, peculiar smells, and chilly areas could all be warning signs. Additionally, you shouldn’t disregard elevated dust levels, humidity issues, and obvious rust or cracks close to the system.

Protect Your Furnace with Regular Maintenance

Regular Furnace Maintenance in Edgemoor, DE

Scheduling routine maintenance is the best approach to prevent premature furnace replacement, and the ideal time for seasonal maintenance is often in the fall before the heating season. We’ll do a multi-point examination, thorough cleaning, and tune-up during a maintenance session in order to address wear and tear and recalibrate the system. A tune-up pays for itself since it lowers monthly costs by preventing unforeseen repairs and ensuring peak performance. Additionally, Gold Star has annual plans that can help you save money and maintain the functionality of your HVAC system.

Additional Heating System Installations

Beyond installing furnaces, Gold Star provides installation services throughout Edgemoor, DE. Heat pumps, mini splits, boilers, and other heating systems used for residential reasons in this area are all installed and replaced by our experts.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are extremely effective HVAC systems that not only offer cooling in the summer but also heating in the winter. These devices move heat to and from a medium, usually the surrounding air. Even though a heat pump is a single device, scheduling maintenance twice a year is still advised.

Ductless Mini Splits

Instead of using ductwork to distribute warm or cooled air, ductless mini splits direct the airflow into the living area. In addition to being able to heat and cool, mini splits that supply heat are comparable to heat pumps in that they require twice-yearly maintenance.


Boilers are hydronic heating systems that distribute heat through floor panels, radiators, or other devices. Steam and hot water boilers are the two primary types of boilers. Boilers still need regular maintenance even if they don’t blow air and are therefore better for the purity of the air.

Financing Options Available

Gold Star is aware that installing a new furnace can be an expensive endeavor, and that if a furnace malfunctions unexpectedly, the cost may be out of your price range. The good news is that you can pay the project cost over time in smaller monthly installments thanks to our flexible financing options.

For Professional Furnace Installation in Edgemoor, DE, Count on Gold Star

In Edgemoor, DE, Gold Star is a reputable local business that is happy to have assisted so many local homeowners. We look forward to the chance to assist you as well. Call us at 1-302-485-1649 or contact us online if you’d like to set up a consultation or if you have any queries about furnace installation.

Furnace Installation and Replacement