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April 18, 2019

Why Is My Heat Pump Making Noise?

heat pump making noise

Heat pumps are an efficient, powerful, and – perhaps most important – quiet way to heat and cool your home. But if this whisper-quiet device starts hissing, gurgling, and whirring, you might be wishing you picked a different HVAC system. Is your heat pump making noise? The pros at Gold Star Services have the knowledge, tools, and training to identify the source of your headaches. We can resolve your HVAC issues in record time.

Besides heat pump repair, we also provide the following services: installation, maintenance plans, and replacements for gas, oil, or electric furnaces, and air conditioners, as well as state of the art equipment and air treatment systems. Call 1-302-485-1649 today to find how our technicians can help you.

3 Reasons Your Heat Pump Is Making Noise

Heat pumps are hybrid HVAC systems designed to cool your home during the warmer months and generate heat when the mercury dips. To accomplish this, these devices transfer warm air from indoors to out (or vice versa) depending on where it is needed most. Heat pumps are made up of two components, with one installed inside your home and the other situated outdoors. When there are this many moving parts, it can be difficult to identify why your heat pump is making certain sounds. Let’s explore three reasons why your heat pump may be making noise:

1. Your Heat Pump Is in Defrost Mode

When temperatures drop, the outdoor component of your heat pump can freeze over. Not only does this impact your HVAC system’s ability to heat your home, but exposure to ice can also damage your heat pump’s internal machinery. Most heat pumps are equipped with a powerful defrost setting designed to melt any ice covering the outdoor component. During colder parts of the year, your heat pump may emit loud swooshing noises, which is a sign that the device is in defrost mode.

2. There’s Debris Inside the Unit

If your device is emitting loud metallic clangs, you should switch off your heat pump immediately. Typically, this is a sign that debris or ice has bypassed the filters. What you are hearing is the sound of the internal fan blades smacking against this debris. Left unchecked, your device’s fans can be damaged.

3. The Motor Is Burning Out

When a heat pump starts to shriek or whine, it’s time to start shopping for a replacement. In most cases, these grating noises are a sign that the device’s motor is damaged beyond repair. At Gold Star Services, our team will visit your home, use state-of-the-art technology to diagnose your heat pump, and provide suggestions on the best solutions to your HVAC issues.

Heat Pump Making Noise? Our Crew Is Here to Help

While whooshing and whirring noises can be sounds of a healthy heat pump, some clangs, clatters, and bangs are a cry for help. Call 1-302-485-1649 to find how the pros at Gold Star Services can resolve your heating and cooling problems today.

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